How We Work at SOHO It Goes!

After many years working as a virtual, SOHO business, we've learned a lot about what makes it work. You might want to ask yourself:

Are you looking for a partner, someone that you can delegate to and trust?

Can you be comfortable working with someone you might not ever meet, and using technology (with my help, of course!) to make it happen?

Are you looking for someone with strong design, communication, marketing, organizational and technology skills who could add real value to your business?

What are your short and long term goals? Would the services I offer help you get there?

We don't just want to work for you - we want to get to know and help you grow your business. We can provide ideas and experience that will help you reach those goals.

What should you expect by working with SOHO It Goes!?

Communication. Expect plenty of email. Email is the best way to document what you asked for and what we're doing, ask questions and respond at any time of the day or night, and keep the projects moving along. SOHO It Goes! will encourage you to remain in regular communication - whether by email or phone - when we're working with you. And, as always, we're more than willing to discuss ways to get you and your technology working together, better!

Time. If you've decided it's time to make some changes in the way you are doing business, for example by overhauling your contact management system, you may need to be prepared for a time commitment/investment now in order to save lots of time later.

Speaking of time -- as a small business, SOHO It Goes! will be managing our time to work with you and many others, and might not always be available the exact instant you need us (although we always try!) So, we may want to set up a weekly meeting online or by phone, to keep everything running smoothly. We would encourage anyone with concerns to consider blocking time with a prepaid agreement.

Trust. Cliché as it sounds, trust really does work both ways. You need to know that we can be trusted with your work, as we have to trust that we will always be paid in a timely manner for the work that we do. We can provide references to past clients that have agreed to receive emails or phone calls, and provide a number of testimonials from customers.

Sounds good! How do we get started?

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