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Our Policies at Business Design Studio

The most important policy Business Design Studio has is our Happy Client Guarantee. In other words, we simply don't settle for any other outcome. From our clearly written general policies and contracts through the final delivery of our service to you, we want our clients to all be 100% satisfied and guarantee that we will always do everything possible to make that happen. Here are our policies and procedures:


Business Design Studio will be honest and fair to you. Our "door" is always open for communication and exchange of ideas, and we will work hard to assure that Happy Clients are all we ever have.

We will disclose the pros and cons, risks and rewards of every decision with our Client's best interests in mind.

We reject high pressure sales tactics and instead concentrate on relationship building.

Our Clients are encouraged to ask questions and we will explain until they are comfortable.

We will meet our obligations and responsibilities in contracts and mutual agreements in a timely manner.

Our Clients receive a full copy of all our policies prior to starting a new project with us, to eliminate most of the areas of complication or confusion in any service oriented relationship.


We will never share any of your contact or payment information with anyone, for any reason.

This web site has two areas which collect voluntary personal information - our newsletter subscription and our services inquiry process. The newsletter subscription requires only an email address, and all other information is voluntary. Your email address and any other contact information you volunteer will not be used for any reason except to send the newsletter Increase Your Reach, and periodic promotions of Business Design Studio services. We will never sell or share this contact information. A method for unsubscribing from the mailing list is available at the bottom of every mailing, and you can leave the list at any time, which permanently erases your information. Our newsletter service, Constant Contact, is strictly opt-in. Please read the Constant Contact privacy policy for more details.

The second area where voluntary personal information is collected is when you contact us with interest in our services. The method you provide for following up on your inquiry is at your discretion. You may also request information on our services via email or phone. Upon becoming a client, we will gather name, address, email, phone number data from you. We do maintain this information in a contact manager, email files, and should you become a client, within our accounting software. We may also maintain log in information which is pertinent to other web application, hosting and online services relevant to the work we do for you, such as FTP log ins, newsletter service accounts, and email log ins. However, all of this personal information is protected by a firewall and is not available to anyone not involved in Business Design Studio operations. We will never share this information with anyone.

We have a merchant account for credit card processing and will shred or otherwise destroy any credit card information you provide over the phone or on paper, and request it again at a later date if necessary, rather than maintain a physical or data copy. Please read the Authorize.net privacy policy for more information on the virtual gateway.

None of our data information collection involves the use of cookies, nor do we track your IP address or referrer web site in either case.

Please with any questions you may have about our privacy policy.


The computers at Business Design Studio are behind a secure firewall. Any information we collect which should remain private is either shredded or stored in an encrypted file.

For accepting payments by credit card, we use Authorize.Net through Practice Pay Solutions. Authorize.Net, the payment gateway partner, uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to encrypt sensitive personal information, including credit card numbers. Over 100,000 companies nationwide are using this platform daily.

Archives and Insurance

Business Design Studio does maintain archives and we back up Client work but must refuse legal responsibility for insuring or maintaining the files in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Our insurance policy covers hardware and software but not data. Whenever asked, we will promptly provide our Clients with a CD containing whatever we have created for them.

Proofing and Editing

We will make every effort to locate and correct all errors prior to your review; however, the Client is responsible for final proofing of all work. Our responsibility is limited to providing you with originals only, and does not extend to reproduction. Therefore, if applicable, proofread your project very carefully PRIOR to any reproduction. Errors or omissions found after reproduction are the Client's responsibility.

Intellectual Property

Business Design Studio will make every effort to ensure that all intellectual property used in client's work is original and/or proper licensing is acquired. Cost to acquire licenses, such as in the case of royalty free images, will be the responsibility of the client. Client is responsible for assuring that any content provided to Business Design Studio is not infringing on anyone else's intellectual property rights. Business Design Studio is not responsible if client does not secure rights for material they have provided Business Design Studio does not accept liability for trademark and copyright infringements.

Third party services

If Business Design Studio provides third party services such as web hosting, we do so based on our own current knowledge and as a service to facilitate solutions for the client, but refuse any responsibility for the quality, reliability, and other elements which are out of our control. Client will always have the right and cooperation of Business Design Studio to move the site to different services; however, we cannot always approve or support these decisions.

We encourage you to email us if you have any questions about Business Design Studio


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