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Letters from our Happy Clients

You're my knight-ess is shining HTML-plated armor!

Dr. Barry W. Morris
Magnetic Communications

"All that you imagine and create is profoundly beautiful, joy-giving, awe inspiring, true magic. I feel honored to get to work with you, and to be infused by your spirit and your incredible talent. Thank you, my friend, for everything."


"I've had the pleasure of knowing Eileen for many years. She has acted as my company's web designer, information architect and graphics department -- all done virtually. She epitomizes the best facets of the virtual partner: reliable, thorough and talented, and
dedicated to the complete satisfaction of her clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend Eileen to anyone who is considering working with her."

Steve Sloan

"I like your designers eye, knowledge of HTML, sense of humor, and very pleasant manner. You did a great design for my site, and with an excellent turn-around time."

Keith Holzman, Solutions Unlimited

"Eileen re-created our website for Arcturus Advisors. She performed an excellent job, speedy execution, great ideas, responsive to our suggestions and concerns - all done remotely.
As it should be in the new age."

Graeme Nichol, Florida
Arcturus Advisors (2005)

"I can't say enough good things about Eileen and Business Design Studio
Over and over I am asked if my company is part of a national chain, and I know
that's because our image - our website, our advertising - is so professional.
Eileen continues to provide the highest quality work quickly; but moreover,
she helps us clarify our vision and bring it down to a marketable image.

I don't know what I'd do without her!"

Martie Ripson,
Cartwheels for Kids, Inc. (2005)

"Every web site that I produce, bet it for future Small Business Summits, regional events and/or the upgrade of smallbiztechnology.com, Business Design Studio will be getting the job. If you want a web designer that is not simply a designer but a FRIENDLY company, go no further."

Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist

"Turtle helped me develop the internal vision I had for a personal brand,
and then brought it to life. She took great pride and care in helping me create
this new business, and her passion for her work was obvious.
The entire process was fast, smooth, and comfortable,
thanks to the excellent communication and customer service she provided.

I feel like I now have a solid and consistent identity to introduce my services to the world!"

Michael Santarcangelo, CISSP
The Bald Security Expert

"I have worked with Eileen on two separate projects, and she 's been able to read my mind on both. I love the work she's done for me - she's captured what was in my head and transformed it into images. Not only is she great at what she does, but she's quick and she's fun.

I look forward to working with her more!"

Jennifer Clare, Australia
Stop Weighting (2005)

"I can honestly say that I don't know how OlderWiserWomen.com would have gotten off the ground without Eileen's ability to reach into my head and put my thoughts into a tangible the form of a logo and website. She has been extremely patient with me,
helping me move along my own learning curve.

I feel blessed to have found the exact person I needed to work with
in the sea of web designers out there. Thanks Eileen!"

Barbara C. Phillips, MN, NP,

"The graphic design work by Business Design Studio can make the smallest company
look like a million dollar corporation without the million dollar budget."

Harry Salavantis
Resource Advisors for Computers Corporation

"My experience with Business Design Studio has been a very rewarding experience.
My small company project was given as much attention as larger clients. All my questions, concerns, and suggestions were thoughtfully considered and answered promptly. I would definitely do business again with the owner, Eileen. My company's entire project was done within the time frame as stated in the contract and she fulfilled
every detail as specified and totally surpassed our expectations.

Thank you Business Design Studio for being the professional marketing source
for small businesses like mine. May you have many more years of continued success!"

Carolyn Lewis, NJ
Jaguar Rose, LLC (2004)

"Eileen (Turtle) Parzek is a gift to the world of web design. She is that rarest of creatures, a technical expert with an artist's eye who speaks in a language that the non-technical can understand. She designed my website to the highest standards of technical excellence while also exhibiting a deep intuitive sense of who I am and what work I do.

I have not met anyone else with this uniquely valuable combination of gifts."

Maria Doherty, Edinburgh Scotland
Chrysalis Transformations (2004)

"I like the pride you take in your products.
It's the thing that makes you go the extra mile on service."

Anita Rabinoff-Goldman,
Pomegranate Judaica (2004)

"I was impressed with the process Eileen used for my logo design. I truly was her 'partner' through the whole process, as she listened and responded to my desires, needs, and suggestions openly. Business Design Studio hit the bullseye! Exceptional Service... I'll give her my business for a long time, and gladly refer others."

Heidi House, Louisiana
Tile Tapestries (2004)

"I was looking for someone to redesign our site & our logo -
Business Design Studio listened to what we wanted and came through with flying colors.
Eileen is a pleasure to work with, and, her patience and dedication is an asset to her."

Miguel Berger
TechValley Homes, (2004)

"Eileen, you have great enthusiam and talent. It's clear you love what you do!
You have great customer service as well. I've have bad luck with several people doing my business card... when you did it, it was excellent quality and service at every step."

Elaine Doremus,
Resumes Written (2004)

"Turtle was very intune to what I wanted. I never had to over-explain, she was a great listener and her follow thru was beyond excellent. I am totally pleased with my results!"

Rebecca Lake, Michigan
Real Estate Connexion, Inc. (2003)

"Business Design Studio does know how it goes - very knowledgeable and has a 1001 good ideas that you can use TODAY. They go out of their way to find the most affordable
solution to fit your needs!"

Lorraine Conoby
Weichert Realtors, Saratoga (2003)

(job #1) "This is absolutely perfect! Thanks for doing it. I really appreciate your help.
I am a very happy customer."

(job #2) "Thanks for the great work. I am very satisfied with your design and your ability to "make it work" regardless of time, money and program difficulties!"

Lisa Hendrickson,
The Hendrickson Group (2003)

"It is a pleasure to find someone who is so professional in their communication and
who is capable of providing so many services... I am very impressed by your website
and I am glad to see such professionalism out there."

Deon Gordon, North Mesquite Business Services (2003)

"After an exhaustive search for a web designer and consultant, The New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc. (NYSDRA) contracted with Ms. Parzek due to her vast knowledge and comprehensive approach to our web and electronic communications initiatives. Throughout this ongoing project, NYSDRA has been extremely pleased with Ms. Parzek's abilities, including her creativity and conscientiousness. Ms. Parzek has not only remained on deadline, her concerted efforts and professional approach has helped keep NYSDRA on target as well. In addition, she has displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. I have had a considerable amount of experience in managing contractual arrangements at various organizations, and Ms. Parzek's performance, initiative, organizational skills
and cooperative attitude continue to surpass my expectations."

Karen H. Lonnstrom
(former) Director of Members Services & Outreach
New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc.

"Turtle had enough previous telecommuting experience to adapt instantly to the global nature of the team, and her leadership and project management contributions were an added bonus to the excellent design skills she brought to the project. She quickly built strong relationships with the other team members, spread across 9 times zones, and took the initiative to manage the project and keep everyone communicating, organized and moving forward.

Hiring Turtle was a smart financial move for the startup, particularly in the current economy, because with this one person, we essentially hired an entire front-end development staff, providing a full spectrum of skills from leadership and project management to information architecture and design."

Adam Kolawa, CEO, Los Angeles
ParaSoft (2001)

"...She presented herself as organized yet very creative person and the results of her work were always of the highest quality and delivered on time. It needs to be mentioned that our teams were distributed worldwide, and despite this our work together
was seamless and with no unnecessary hassles.

I wish I could meet and work with more such people as Eileen Parzek."

Marek Kucharski
CTO of ParaSoft, S.A.
a Polish subsidary of ParaSoft Corp.

"Eileen uses the internet to establish and maintain a personal and rewarding relationship (...) I would recommend Eileen over several other web site artists I've worked with because I have great confidence in her abilities and the utmost respect for her talent."

Laura Ricci, Wisconsin

"...It's nice to know that I've found someone that I can trust with the most important aspects of my business... my reputation for quality work and excellent service.
I am completely appreciative."

Cindy Penchina, Penchina Web

"Your creative skills and imagination gave our website a new, fresh look, and made it
far more functional than our original version. Additionally, the upgraded website
contains more pertinent information about our company, and is very user friendly.
It is now a simple matter to maneuver through the website to obtain information."

Rick Martell, Tymetal (1998)

"Ms. Parzek's unique combination of strong technical and artistic skills enable her
to deliver technological expertise within an excellent visual presentation. She has been instrumental in recommending core technological applications that have
allowed us to communicate our company's mission and message effectively through
the Internet within a graphic context that has been applauded by our users. Our various projects with Ms. Parzek have run smoothly due to her exceptional
communications skills, speed of delivery and easy ability to work long distance.

She is an excellent partner, and I recommend her skills highly."

Paula Briglia, The Rosen Group (1998)

Some of my favorite comments have come from my peers over the years. I leave it anonymous... but I couldn't make these up!!!

"dude, WOW, you guys are really incredible, I've been seeing your site on and off for ever, it seems. But how do you keep getting soooooooo much work? "

"As an aspiring web designer, I am always looking for others like myself who have chosen to take their talents further ... Nothing impressed me until I reached yours!!! "

"damn, you're good... It's tough for me to say that too, 'cos I do this sort of thing for a living as well."

"Hi, Turtle. Stunning web site, stunning. Your artwork is sublime - there's a skill I wish I had."

"...it is clear that you understand the nexus of what the web can do, and what humans want it to do. Your site, while technically straightforward, is rich in meaning, sense, and aesthetics. Your site is also a snap to navigate and I'm envious."

"What an inspiration your site provides!"

" I loved your website. It was packed full of information as well as resources. Way-to-go-SOHO!"

"Your work of course is absolutely fantastic, and our designer thinks very highly of you and your work. I am glad to see that there are other designers out there with standards and talent... I am proud to be in the same line of work as you"

"Your Highness,
I've been marveling at the sites in your digital portfolio. Its inspiring and challenging to see the fine work you've done."

"YOW! ZING! WOW! I love it!"

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