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The free gift you will receive when you sign up is called The Marketing Design & Technology Guide.

Written just for my subscribers, this exclusive 12 page guide defines (in my signature style!) just about every marketing design and marketing technology term you will ever come across.

As you build the online marketing strategy for your business, work with vendors (like Business Design Studio) and teach yourself new concepts online, you will undoubtedly find yourself wondering about certain acronyms, new technologies and techniques. Very often, confusion leads to lost opportunities, clients and money.

With the Marketing Design & Technology Guide, you will have a easily searchable, indexed guide at your fingertips to help you navigate the world of online marketing!

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But you can still sign up for the free gift! You'll only periodically hear from Business Design Studio - and you'll be the first to learn when we've posted new free resources and helpful products for your small business marketing.

Since 2003, I've published ideas, insights, reviews and articles about small business marketing and marketing with technology. You can access either the RSS Feed or the Increase Your Reach Blog, any time.

The welcome message you receive will contain a link to a exclusive free gift that I wrote just for my newsletter subscribers (if you don't get it, check your spam filters and email me at ).

The info you provide will help focus my writing and will never be released to ANYONE, EVER! The fields that are required to subscribe are in bold.

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What people have said about "Increase Your Reach"

"Terrific read, enjoy it and get a little edge from each edition. Keep on keeping on Turtle."


"I really look forward to the monthly newsletter. It is informative and a lot of useful material is there . I also like to know what other new and exciting projects Turtle is working on. "

Becky Lake, Realtor

"It's a GREAT newsletter... I really do enjoy it. Very inspiring! "

Anonymous Subscriber

"I love reading your newsletter each time it comes to my in box. I enjoy the articles and (wanted to tell you) how valuable and interesting I find them."

Julia Herne, www.create2communicate.com.au

"You provide valuable information to me every month in your newsletter and with our ongoing work together. Many, many thanks!"

Barbara Phillips

"Just wanted to let you know how useful, informative and fun I find your materials."

"Keep it coming! I enjoy receiving it each month and find it interesting and to the point."

Denise Watson

"Doing a great job - keep it up - and keep it personal!"

Bill Silverman

"You continue to amaze me... Simply stated, you produce awesome newsletters"

Julie Kimber
Black Paw Designs

"Everything I know about marketing my business, I learned from you!"

Name withheld on request

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