Are you designing something in color and feel a little bit lost, facing that field of a million colors?

Dear fellow business professional –

Just as there are a million colors, there are a million reasons why you might be here. You may need to learn about the use of color in marketing, be studying color psychology or symbolism, or be just brushing up on the fundamentals of color theory as you learn to design things yourself.

It does not matter why you are here. Maybe it is a logo, or a web site you are designing and you want to better grasp color meaning. Perhaps you just need to understand color theory or psychology, so your marketing piece has the right message and the right "feel." Hey – you might just be trying to match together some items in your closet, or figure out what paint color scheme will match the walls to that rug!

The proper use of color is critical to being able to create outstanding design.

And outstanding design IS what you want to create, right?

Well, I am delighted because I have written a special instructional report that will answer such questions as:

What color goes well with blue?
How do I choose my HTML color palette?
What is the meaning of the color red?
What color represents "hope"?
What are the basics of color theory?
What in the world is RGB? CMYK? A pixel? Hex-a-what!?

I know you're in a hurry - Get the answers you need - right now

Look - there are so many software tools out that let just about anyone do graphic design. I am a professional graphic designer, and even I realize that there are many regular folks out there doing just fine with the do-it-themselves route.

Then there are the others. The ones that design things that make me cringe, gasp, or feel cross-eyed. And do you know what?

They don’t even know it!

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?          

(gulp)        "Could that be me?"     

Are you SURE?

You will be if you have a copy of
"Shades of Success: Color Essentials for the Non Design Professional"!

This simple, easy to read document will make sure that YOU never put anything out into the world that causes eyes to water or cars to pile up. Guaranteed!

"Starting with the color wheels most of us played with in elementary school, Eileen takes color design theory to a whole new level with 'Shades of Success.' Practical and playful, this ebook offers many, many examples of how to put colors together in visually pleasing ways. Eileen also outlines emotions asociated with various colors and offers hints on what "not" to do when putting colors together. For those of us not blessed with a natural "eye" for color and design, this ebook is just the ticket for helping us project the correct image - whether whimsical or serious, business or just for fun. I found myself drawn to certain color combinations as I read the report, and am keeping the report handy for future use. Thanks, Eileen!"


We all have two eyes and a brain, but we are not all born with a natural eye for design. There are still fundamentals of color design that can make or break your design, whatever that may be. Bad color can confuse readers, cast an unprofessional tint on your business marketing and worse, drive away customers.

I know you don't want that or you wouldn't be looking for information on color!

You do not need to go to school to “get” color – you simply need to understand these basics, and get familiar with the ways that colors go together. Once you understand what good color palettes look like, know a little something about color psychology, and which colors to use together (or not!), there are literally millions of potential variations to play with. And that is when the real fun begins because you're no longer stressed out about what works and what won't.

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My goals in writing this document were simple:

I wanted to fill the world with people who have a “good eye for color.”

I wanted to provide everyone I could with a solid understanding of color as one of the most essential components of great design.

Yes, I'm ready to have a good eye for color!

Let us look at what you will get with this download.

First, you will read an overview of color theory, the most common color schemes, and some definitions of the technology involved in color.

After that, we get into the fun part – color palettes. We will take a tour around the color wheel - green, blue, purple, lavender, pink, red, orange, yellow; with a few stops in neutral territory - beige, brown, black, gray, white!

For each color,

  • I will tell you the psychology, symbolism and meaning of the color,
  • I provide a group of palette ideas (what color goes with orange, for example) and then, very importantly,
  • I show you what NOT to do!

Believe me – just knowing these simple rules could be the difference between fantastic designs and causing eyeballs to vibrate!

Best of all, this document is so easily organized, you can jump right to the color you’re most interested in – or better yet, do a keyword search within the Acrobat PDF document for the feelings, emotions or meanings you might want to evoke with a color!

Plus, when you purchase Shades of Success, you will also automatically receive a FREE BONUS... the Color Meaning Glossary!

At the end, I will provide you with some of my favorite online resources for color. This document is a springboard to creating real palettes for all your projects – and I will launch you right into the directions you need to go!

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Think about this: right now, this moment, you could educate yourself very quickly about the color choices you have. The entire document is short enough that you can skim it quickly for the info you need RIGHT NOW, or read it through in an hour or two. No more hunting around online for the answers – everything you need to know is in one place for you! And then, whenever you design with color again, it will always be there for you to refer to for projects.

Eventually, one day, your eyes and brain will just know, instinctively, and intuitively, what colors work – and which ones do not.

That is my goal for you. This document is your first step.

only $9.95 to guarantee you don't make awful color mistakes

You will not risk a thing in taking that step, either! Your purchase takes place on a secure server, and you can pay with either PayPal money or your Visa or Mastercard. You will receive the information you need IMMEDIATELY (plus that free bonus!). I am completely confident that you will find information jammed into this document that you will be able to use repeatedly, and that you will be a better designer for reading it. However, you have my guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I will refund your money with a smile.

PS. I always ask people this question: If a picture is worth a thousand words, and you only get one chance to make a first impression, can you REALLY afford to design your own marketing? That is why I am providing you with this material in an easy to understand downloadable format. Don't take chances with your business design!

PPS. This is a new report and I am offering it right now for only $9.95 but based on the demand I'm seeing in my site statistics for this kind of information about color, I know I will have to raise this price after an initial introductory period, so I can also pay commissions to affiliates (email me if you're interested in that!) Either way, be sure to get this great resource for your future design projects at THIS price while you can!

Happy Designing!

Eileen "Turtle" Parzek
SOHO It Goes!


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