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Marketing & Technology Articles for Small Businesses

Business Practices

Build a Mailing List While Speaking
April 2006

Hiring a Graphic Design Firm
Written for The Marks Group, December 2005

Getting Paid
October 2005

Get the Coop-itive Advantage
October 2005

Protecting Your Online Content
July 2005

Networking without the Work
November 2004

Being Small, Looking Big
October 2004

Strategies to bridge marketing and technology affect the bottom line
© 2004 American City Business Journals Inc. June 4, 2004

Secrets of an Information Junky
May 2004

Make Mine to Grow: Building Your Solo Business to Outgrow You! September 2003

"Big Vision Small Business" Essay Winner - on About.com web site
Written by Eileen Parzek, © About.com

Build online network of contacts, referral sources and potential clients
© 2003 American City Business Journals Inc. August 8, 2003

How the Turtle Got a Trademark (and you can too!)
March 2004

The Golden Rule, Online
May 2003

Avoid Being the Worst Boss You've Ever Had!
Feb. 2003

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Freelancer Like You

Virtual Professionalism

Internet allows professionals to work 'virtually' anywhere
© 2003 American City Business Journals Inc. August 8, 2003

($) Virtual Professionalism in 2003
A first of its kind report based on a survey of 70 virtual professionals world wide

Web Marketing Issues and Ideas

Do YOU Really Own Your Web Site?
May 2006

Tips for Frequently Asked Questions
December 2005

Tips for Portfolios
December 2005

Tips for Testimonials
November 2005

20 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site
September 2005

Marketing Your Book, Online and Off
August 2005

Marketing with Promotional Items
August 2005

Get Your Products into Froogle
June 2005

Blog Wisely
May 2005

Tickle Your Customers
September 2004

Personal Brand - the Marketing of You
August 2004

Everything You Need to Know about Online Business Networking
July 2003

Turn Your Site into a Community with Forums
June 2004

Beginner's Guide to RSS April 2004

Should Your Business Blog?
March 2004

Build Your Marketing Lists Online
February 2004

Postcard Marketing for Your Small BusinessesOctober 2003

The Straight Truth about Web Site Building Tools
August 2003

How to Write a Newsletter without Being a Writer
July 2003

Create a Brand that Sticks
June 2003

Designing Effective Surveys
March 2003

Pitfalls to Avoid When Redesigning a Site
written for ParaSoft Corporation, Feb. 2000

Marketing Design

How Much Does a Web Site Cost?
September 2005

Using Infographics in Your Business Communications
January 2004

Why Design Matters During a Slow Economy
April 2003

Design Your Logo Like a Pro
written for Net Profit Magazine, 1997

($) Shades of Success: Designer Secrets to Marketing with Color
Answers all your questions about color from creating palettes to color meaning and psychology

Software and Internet Technology

What is this Web 2.0 Thing? new!
January 2006

Cloudmark: The End of Spam
December 2005

WholeSale Marketer: 90,000 Drop Ship Products in One Place
September 2005

Ghost Surf: Protect Yourself Online
May 2005

Choosing a Web Hosting Company
Written for Business Design Studio, March 2005

Understanding Email in All Its Forms
December 2004

Understanding Web Statistics
June 2004

A SOHO View of the Treo 600
February 2004

Understanding Boolean Searches
December 2003

Mini Review of JIAN Business Products
January 2004



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