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Reprint Policy

You may link directly to any article written by Business Design Studio for free, from your web site. We will know from our referral stats so no need to request permission or tell us you did so.

Our articles can NOT be copied, altered or edited in any way. There must be no question that Business Design Studio is the author of the article. We reserve the right to disallow your use of our articles and take legal action if necessary.

The articles can be copied in full on other web sites and ezines, as long as the author's name, copyright notice, business name, and bio box remains intact with link back to SOHO It Goes (www.businessdesignstudio.com). We really do prefer just a link to the article but understand that many web sites are growing their resource areas and will grant a full electronic reprint for free and without permission as long as our rights and credits are fully protected.

You may print one copy of article for your own purpose, and up to 3 copies for distribution to co-workers or employees.

You may only reprint and distribute the articles for NON-commercial use. Full credit must remain intact, along with a link back to SOHOItGoes.com. This applies to educational institutions and classroom situations. Please us and describe your purpose for reprinting the articles. Permission is automatically granted but we'd like to know what you're up to :)

To reprint for commercial use, small reprint fees apply. We will give unlimited rights to copy and distribute the article as many times as you wish for $25 per article. The article must still remain intact and the author, business name, copyright and bio box with URL must be included in every reprint. Examples of commercial use include:

  • For distribution to your clients
  • For distribution to attendees of paid work shops, seminars, tradeshows

Commercial reprint rights DO NOT allow you to re-package, distribute and sell our articles, for example in a magazine. Please contact us if you wish to use the articles in this way.

You can request permission for commercial reprint use here. You can pay for reprint rights by PayPal, check or credit card.

Please contact us if you're interested in reprinting any of the articles in your print publication or having Eileen Parzek write for your audience.

The same reprint policies apply to any of our reports of 5+ pages, however, the reprint fees for commercial use will be higher and will be determined on a case by case basis.

If you have ANY questions or these policies do not pertain to you, please let us know how you would like to use our written work. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property, and please, if you know of anyone infringing on these rights, we'd love to know.



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