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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Insanely easy printing to FedEx Kinkos

I just gave the free FedEx Kinko's software a whirl and it could not be any simpler. In a nutshell, you download software that makes FedEx Kinkos a printing option on your computer. It works with any software, on Windows XP or 2000. When you are ready to print, it sends the document with instructions to be printed at any of over 1,000 facilities nationwide. With four or more hours leadtime, they will print your document(s) and have it ready for pick up or shipped to you. Perfect example - travelling to another city and don't want to lug 100 copies of your presentation? Just send it to print at the FedEx Kinkos nearest your hotel and pick it up when you get there. You can also have the printing shipped to you, or pick it up locally like I did. I like the fact that they will bind, collate and staple an order of any size, and it saves me from having to invest in a lot of high end printing equipment for the times I need a couple sheets printed here and there. There are no surprises - they quote the job right there in the wizard - pay online and it's off and running.

I have wanted to do some high quality color laser prints of my artwork - but I have put it off for ages because I never have time. But - yesterday I sent a PDF to print at a FedEx Kinkos and a couple hours later, I got confirmation that it was there to pick up. The quality of the prints were good - the cost competitive - the speed outrageous. Technology as it should be - saving time, money and frustration. Nicely done, FedEx Kinkos!