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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Chief Bubble Burster

Here’s something I’ll bet many entrepreneurs can relate to.

Do have ideas coming out of you so fast you can’t react to them all? Do you plot a new business every other week? Do you have so many projects going on at once that even your projects have spawned projects?

Well, I have a friend and colleague that I affectionately call my "Chief Bubble Burster" (I think, maybe, that label drives her crazy! I'll soon find out) We've never met but talk periodically by phone and IM.But there are times I don't think I'd stay sane were it not for her. And, she's been so busy the last few months, we barely have time to talk - which is probably why I miss those conversations so much. Every serial entrepreneur needs to have at least one person they can count on to give them the straight scoop. You know, someone to provide the thoughtful "well, Turtle, how do you plan to make money doing that?" and the "Uh, no. No, no, no. And no" responses. In other words - she knows I'd hatch a new business every week if I COULD - but that doesn't mean I SHOULD.

Choose your Chief Bubble Burster carefully. You aren't looking for source of negative energy and nay-saying. Instead, what you want is the person who gets you, and what you do, has a lot of business savvy, and can sit outside your popcorn popping brain, listen well and be brutally honest.

Sometimes, mine even says "you know, you should do that."