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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Paperless Office Tool

I know, I know, the "Paperless Office" hasn't happened yet. But depending on just how savvy you are with technology, and whether you have a back up system that is trustworthy enough to protect all that you ordinarily would print out, you probably ARE a lot more paperless than 10 years ago! I just heard of a business software tool called Surfsaver that might help you get closer to that goal.

Here is the scenario: In the course of surfing the web, we find pages we want to keep, read later, or just remember for future use. So, many of us print them. Eventually, we have stacks and stacks (or binders and binders) of printed web pages. What Surfsaver does is provide an add-on to your browser which lets you click a little icon, index the page with a description and save into a folder. What is cool about it is that later, when you need the page, you can find it - it makes everything in all those folders searchable. Bet you can't say that about your binders!

Who is SurfSaver perfect for? Researchers, students, writers, and of course, business people who are gathering gobs of information to apply towards their business and marketing plan some day!

Check it out...