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Monday, April 04, 2005

Because you CAN wear a t-shirt to work!

I've been really busy this past month hatching another idea I had - Home Biz Wear - the place to find fun work at home attire and merchandise celebrating the humor, perks and hidden benefits of working at home!

My goal is to make something for everyone in the work at home crowd - you'll find stuff for the work at home mom and dad, great designs for people working at home with kids and pets, and even something for the WAH environmentalists.

I'm just getting warmed up and always open to ideas. Right now, I'm working with royalty free cartoons that I purchased rights to - but if the market is there, I'll probably start doing my own illustrations.

There is so much to celebrate about the home office lifestyle and the very fact that we CAN work at home. So spread the joy ...and enjoy the shop!