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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Want to edit your own web pages?

Have you ever wanted to be able to edit your own web site? Clients are constantly asking me how they can do that. And usually they don't have the budget to have their site built with a content management system which allows for that, or don't feel comfortable using an HTML editor. A few of my clients use Contribute, Macromedia Dreamweaver's "little sister" to maintain sections of their site. But for many, who merely want to make simple text changes, sometimes on just one page of the site, even this is overkill. So I was thrilled to learn about the web site maintenance service!

For as little as $15/mos the service provides code you can add to your site which makes the designated pages editable right through the web browser. Code set up can either be done through them or - if you're my client, through me, for one time fee of $75 for up to 15 pages.

Then, all you do is log in, go to those pages and edit them - just like you would a Word doc. It will maintain font styles and even let you add images. The navigation menu and other critical areas can be protected from you - and you can even set it up to let you add pages, with a template. As with any "do it yourself" feature, if you're not a designer, you CAN get in trouble. But if you really just want to edit the text on a page, this is a very affordable solution.

SUPER cool stuff!