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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Be Heard - a great ezine on PR

I'd like to tell my loyal subscribers about the ezine of a friend (and neighbor!) of mine, Shannon Cherry at Cherry Communications. I don't usually do this - but time after time, I am delighted with the information she shares and I just wanted to give you the same benefit I get from reading it.

Many of you know I am a HUGE proponent of publicity for growing a small business. I might help my clients make a big impression - but the free exposure of PR is what takes it on the road. Shannon has huge media experience and she really walks her talk, that is for sure - so, whatever you're doing in business, there is something you can learn from her about self promotion. Plus, just for signing up, she provides a free report on no-cost publicity tactics.

And it all comes with a cherry on top :)

Got get it!