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Sunday, June 05, 2005

LOL (laugh out loud) Marketing

I like ads. And taglines. And billboards. I study them, hunt them, dissect them ...but I'm in marketing and communications, so no surprise there. But what I really love is when one hits me over the head and makes me burst out laughing or nearly drive off the road.

Coming home from dinner tonite, in the city of Troy, NY, I came upon a van with a big bold warning across the rear doors that said

"Blind Man Driving"

What?! Startled, I drove past it - and on the side it had this guys name and the words "Blinds and Window Treatment Installations."


That got my thinking about others, and I came up with two more I've seen. I'd love for you to comment with your own - let me hear them!

First, there is a pet spa between here and a place I hike, that has a sign on the road - it says "Dirty Dogs Dipped Daily." I laugh EVERY time I go by it - it just tickles my funny bone. I wish I had a dog!

Second - last year, on a road trip to Philadelphia, I saw a billboard that just said "Go ahead. Pick your nose" - I was like, what the ... and as I got closer - I saw it was for a rhinoplastic surgeon. That one just killed me too - I LIVE to have moments of cleverness like that and just want to squeeze the brilliant minds that came up with that.

Let's hear yours!