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Friday, June 24, 2005

News & Views

What's happening around here?

I just finished setting up with some editable pages through Easy as pie and the guys downstate were super helpful.

Started working on a project for a new client Christine Buyce at In the Door Consulting. I network with Christine at a bi-weekly meeting and let me tell you - this woman knows how to open doors! I've never known anyone who is as comfortable as she is with cold calling and wriggling her way into a prospects midst. And she's writing a book about it - which is why she's hired me. We just set up her mailing list with - I think I still prefer Constant Contact's interface but the pricing was better.

The new web site for Rosanne Raneri, the phenomenal singer songwriter I had the pleasure of singing with in high school choir is SO very close to launch. I can't wait to show you ... just as soon as I can pull Rosanne off the summer gig schedule and get those finishing touches on it.

I'm patiently waiting for the start of a very exciting and very large new project - as soon as an official contract is in my paws, I'll be announcing it here.

I survived one week without a laptop - probably the nicest week we've had in Albany this year. I didn't like it one bit and have never felt quite so trapped and stuck in my home office. I've already figured out what I will buy (I was up at Circuit City petting it just this week) to replace the dead one and have thought through some creative financing to make it mine. I just need a few more pieces to fall into place !

Happy weekend everyone