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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hello World

I've written Increase Your Reach for over 2, going on three years now and to be honest, I never took a good look at the readership. I was doing a backup tonite of all my subscribers and was astonished at who is out there reading my words!

The vast majority of you are from the US, Canada, Australia, India or the UK, if you told me where you are at all (it's not too late to change your profile, click the link at the bottom of the newsletter if you get one). But the rest of the list was wonderful to read. My words are reaching: South Korea, Spain, Ecuador, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Poland, Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Senegal, Nigeria, Argentina, Bermuda, Malaysia, Macedonia, Slovenia, South Africa, Austria, Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, Egypt, Ethiopia, Belize, Russia, Costa Rica, Barbados, Iran, China, Japan, Jordan, Romania, Italy, Norway, Lithania, Ireland, Colombia, Phillipines, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, and Samoa!!! Hello world!

I hate to admit it but now I have to Google at least three of these countries because I have no idea where in the world they are.

This exercise humbled me - thank you for being out there and for being interested.