Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Search your entire hard drive

I've always prided myself in being SO organized that I can find everything on my computer hard drives without needing any search tools. Oh, I've got file naming conventions and structure that you wouldn't believe! But, even I had to admit defeat recently when I was trying to find a file and couldn't remember what it was called, or even what client it connected to. So I swallowed my pride and began researching desktop search tools.
I settled on Copernic Desktop Search and WOW! It took a little while, initially, to index the 50 GIG or so of data I had (how did THAT happen??) but once it was done, it was time to play 'stump the computer.' And I'm delighted to say Copernic found everything I could dream up and ask for, FAST. It put a very user friendly toolbar interface on my screen that I'm still not quite used to using - but slowly, it is becoming a shortcut in my routine.

If you've got a lot of data like I do, and can't stand to be slowed down in your day with long searches, get that Copernic search bar on your screen. It's free and the only downside I can find is that it might make you lazy. I actually caught myself thinking "it doesn't matter what I name it or where I put it..." the other day and I was horrified at myself :-)