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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Launch: Rosanne Raneri

I'm so happy to show you all this special web site that just launched this week.

You probably don't know this, but I sing! In two choral groups, but mostly for my own entertainment. But, going all the way back to high school choir, I had a best friend who went on to become perhaps the best known and loved Folk singer-songwriters in the region around Albany, NY. Rosanne Raneri and I have stayed in touch every since, and I have had the honor of promoting her incredible talent around the world with a web site.

Rosanne's hallmark is that she writes beautiful, lush and sensual lyrics and sings them like a force of nature. My job was to create a vision for her new site which captured the rich layers, textures, emotions and complexities she sings of; evoking but not over powering. I also wanted to develop an easy way for her to communicate with her legions of fans (and there are legions - I know, I importe../../../../resources/blogger/2005/10/d_her_mailing_list_.css), a place for fans and media to get photos and news in her own delicious words. This project offered me the chance to use the most gorgeous photography I could find, and if you study the site, you'll see that there are patterns and messages in nearly every choice I made. What unbelievable fun this was!

I could babble on and on about Rosannne but go, visit her online, and have a look and a listen. You won't be disappointed.