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Friday, January 13, 2006

Cutting the chord

I decided recently that it was time to cut the strings entirely and go as virtual as possible. If I was going to work 10-14 hour days then, darn it, I was going to work where I wanted to. To do that, I needed three things:
  1. a laptop,
  2. remote access to my business PC, and
  3. "always on, anywhere" wireless connectivity.
Stop one - the laptop. I bought a HP/Compaq in the fall which ROCKS. The is the sweetest laptop I've ever had - and I couldn't be happier.

Cody Anderson at Evenerable recently reconfigured my network so my wireless router would let me connect and "mirror" the desktop computer from the laptop. In other words, I could "see" on the laptop exactly what I would have on the desktop computer screen - so all my data could stay snug on the desktop, but I could manipulate it perpendicular to the ground (or the sofa) when needed.

But the real snip of the cord came today. Two days ago, I called Sprint and upgraded my plan to include a wireless connection card and service. The entire process was painless and I literally had the card 2 days later, ready to plug in. A bit pricey but set up was simple - one quick call to Cody and I had everything functioning.

Of course, I couldn't stay inside today! And we're having a heat wave in the North East so I relocated for the day. I realized the joy of having bought the 12 cell battery because I was completely unplugged from 10 a.m until 3 p.m., and still had 10% life on it when I shut down. I worked the entire day from a book store that had no wireless connection - fully connected! And since I had unlimited data service - though slower than at home - I could connect to my home computer - see my screen there - and do everything as if I was locked in the office.

I sense a vacation coming on... if I can do this, anywhere in the country... maybe my 4 year no-vacation period is coming to an end. YES!