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Friday, January 06, 2006

Do you work virtually?

If you do, I'd like to invite you to participate in the 2006 Virtual Professionals Survey!

You may recall that in 2003, I developed a detailed survey of virtual professionals. This "first of it's kind" survey looked at demographics, what it took to work virtually and the technology that was being used. From the responses, I developed a series of articles, which later turned into a detailed report with charts. (click here for the 2003 report)

The 2006 survey has been vastly improved. I've included questions for employees who telecommute and folks who subcontract or partner with virtual organizations without actually owning the company. There are more thought provoking questions and even more detailed answers. Your answers drive the questions that follow, which will greatly fine-tune the results. If you work virtually, I hope you will take the time to be heard!

This is not intended to be statistical science but rather geared towards trend-watchers and folks who are targeting virtual professionals, acting as one or wish to be one some day. The media, I should note, "ate this up" in 2003 and I provide ample opportunities to provide answers and possibly receive credit and links in the report. That put the "human face" on the 2003 report and made it a LOT of fun to read. The survey takes 5-15 minutes to complete depending on how detailed your answers are. There is chance to win a free copy of the report, and of course, everyone who does participate will get a advanced invitation discount to purchase the new report.

Click to take the Virtual Professionals Survey Now

I would also absolutely love it if you could spread the word about the survey to your own virtual online communities, wherever they may be. My goal this year is also to get a MUCH more global perspective on this and many more responses overall.

This survey will be online between now and March 15, 2006.

Thank you very much.