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Monday, January 30, 2006

A Free and Simple File Sharing Application

How many times have you wished you could simply share a file or folder on your computer with a client or a friend instantly, without having to email them something big? Well, I found a really cool FREE service, called FolderShare, that makes that possible.

To use it, you invite one or more people to share a "library" and the invitation gives them a small application to install that will let them connect to that library. Then, they can associate a folder on their computer with the library and drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to that folder.

With the free FolderShare, you can store up to three files for download, and set up as many as 100 libraries, with files as large as 2GB. Currently, the free version also allows you to automatically sync files.

I just finished a large project that involved a ton of emailing large files and a lot of frustration and I wish I had had this service to use then. This virtual office tool is definitely worth a look if you ever find yourself in the same boat!