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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Incredible virtual printing at $25 off!

I have a local printer that I really love working with, Printing Services of NY. They're consistently affordable and high quality, with excellent customer service, so they get all of my printing bid requests. But recently, one of my clients asked me to print her job with I was so taken with the way these folks in Colorado do business, that I've added them to my preferred vendor list, and recently had some of my own printing done there. Every time, the process is fast, smooth, well communicated, affordable, delivered quickly and with a real personal touch. They've really perfected the art of running a virtual business and providing printing services across the Internet.

Now I have a special offer available to you. No matter whether I design or you do it yourself or hire another designer, when you place your first order with my special code, you can receive $25 off!

Simply input the unique ID below in the "Promotional Code" field of the order form while completing your order and you will see the discount applied in your email receipt.

Your ID code is: RP1KSW55X (input in "Promotional Code" field) is leading a revolution in the commercial printing industry. They have discovered that the Internet allows them to take the pain out of buying four-color printing for our business or personal use. Thousands of happy customers, including me, agree.

Here is what sets apart in my eyes:

* Instant on-line pricing - no more waiting for bids from off-line printers.

* You can request a sample pack of materials which make it utterly simple to choose which paper weights and coatings you want when you order.

* On-line proofing

* Acceptance of ANY digital file, not just high-end illustration software. Yes, they will even accept Publisher files!

* Industry-leading customer service. This is NOT an empty promise. They actually encourage you to call!!! And then when you do, they act like you're the only client on their mind at that moment. Not only can they walk you through just about any technical or graphic design question you may have, but one of their people called me just to thank me for sending in a flawless file that they DIDN'T have to tweak. I almost fell off my chair!

* Highest quality four-color printing of postcards, business cards, brochures, catalogs, stationery, envelopes, posters, and much more. All of their jobs are processed on the same sort of industry leading presses as you will find in your local printer.

No doubt, I will continue to use PSI of NY for a variety of jobs, particularly those which require a lot of finessing, speciality papers or binding, or local "hands on" reviews. But for your day-to- day small business and personal printing, not only is a model for the virtual business world, their printing services and prices are awesome. Those of you who have been with me for a while know I only endorse companies I think are REALLY going places and doing good stuff!

Remember - use the code RP1KSW55X (input in "Promotional Code" field) and get $25 off your first order!