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Monday, January 30, 2006

Magic, money and self employment

I started Monday morning like I have most of the last 10 years of Monday mornings... Ramping up, revisiting my to-do list, and balancing my bank accounts. I noticed that I owed for my annual license, and had a job that required some clipart illustration, and so I squirmed for a moment about where that $160 would come from. But, as I've learned to do in the past year, I decided to just trust it would arrive ... And let it go.

I have to say... this was a VERY hard thing for me to ever learn how to do... The old me would have wiggled and worried and chattered and clutched inside about it for days.

But, without much thought, I just let it go - let the Universe know I needed $160 - and got down to work.

Then, at 2:30, I heard the THWACK of mail hitting the floor downstairs and got up to go get it. I bet you can guess what I found there. An affiliate check from last quarter, from something I must be selling on my site (honestly, I am not even sure WHAT), for $159.58

I laughed out loud. Scared the cat.

And then I realized... This kind of delight really is a gift of the self employed, isn't it? I mean, I was talking with someone recently who was tossing money around in his accounts, paying bills, and he said "well, on Wednesday, there will be more in there." Just like that.

I simply CAN'T Imagine.

Just like most of my friends and family can't imagine why I don't run fleeing and screaming back into employment.

The ones who do get it, and have seen how it works, think I actually have magic powers. My last boyfriend used to say "How do you DO that?" when I'd conjure up money unexpectedly.

I usually tell people that you need to have good communication skills, organization and discipline to work at home, all day alone, with clients scattered around the globe.

But I think maybe I should include a little magic in there.

Just a few musings from Albany, NY... I'm off to the bank.
Hee hee!