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Long before I was a computer geek, I was a book worm. In building my businesses, I spend a great deal of time on the web, but still relish my chances to get offline and read a good book, even if it is about building a business, being an entrepreneur, living the life of an independent professional, or marketing!

Here are some of the most influential and impressive books I've read over the years.

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
by Susan Harrow
Being a Turtle, I have never felt comfortable with selling myself or doing public relations of any kind. But this book provided me with a clear path to self promotion that felt natural and aligned with my beliefs. Truly, in the short time that I've applied what I learned here, I've found myself seeking out media opportunities, writing for major national magazines and interviewed as an expert. If you purchase just one book to learn how to promote yourself, this should be it. It's written for women but is not in the least bit off-putting for men - in fact, if you're an independent professional or solo entrepreneur, it will change how you look at promotion, forever.

Zen and the Art of Making a Living
by Laurence G. Boldt
I've read this book cover to cover, twice -- once when I lost my bearings in the middle of my first business, and then again before I started my second business. Boldt uses classic archetypes to define the journey of finding life's work -- the wizard seeking a vision, warrior finding to make it happen, sage continuously learning how and seeking new paths and so on. The book isn't for everyone but if an inspirational guide for being the artist of your own life and career, with a healthy dose of Eastern philosophy works for you, I think you will get a lot from this book.
Free Agent Nation
by Daniel H. Pink
Okay, you may have heard already, but I LOVE this book! I tend to skim read but I didn't miss a word of Free Agent Nation -- every single inch of it was worthy of full digestion. It defines, explains, counts, and then predicts the future of one of the fastest growing segments of American business in fun, flavorful and intelligent terms. If you are a free agent, want to be a free agent, or offer services or products to free agents, this is a must read.
Big Vision, Small Business
by Jamie Walters
Your Life as Story
by Tristine Rainer




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