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  Infuse Your Marketing With Technology August 2003 

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Is it me or have you also heard the rumblings of an economy starting to pick up? Hang on tight because when things do improve, a lot of frustrated entrepreneurs are going to be bursting out with new ideas all over the place.

Speaking of new ideas - with the help of some talented folks, this newsletter has a new name, and SOHO It Goes! has a new tag line. I'm very excited about these changes!

This issue features two articles - a beginners guide to networking online and some advice on creating your own newsletter even if you aren't a writer. I also provide information on a very cool gadget, and a recommendation for a reputable and affordable web hosting company. And of course, life isn't complete without happy clients!

Newsletters for Non-Writers

One of the best ways to stay in touch with current and past clients, colleagues and fans, is to publish a regular newsletter. Yet many business owners won't do it because feel they are not good enough writers, do not have the time, or are not comfortable enough with the computer to make the effort.

There are actually many other ways that a company can create a great newsletter as a service for their clients and promotional tool - without needing to do all the writing. Read this article and find out how!

Find out how to write newsletters without being a writer...

Peace of Mind for Your Data

My brother gave me something for my birthday that is so cool, everyone I show it to wants one. It's called a USB Bus Drive. About the size of a cigarette lighter, it can hang on a keychain. Pop it into the USB slot of your computer and it is instantly recognized as an additional drive which you can save files on. You can password protect the device, and split it into two drives, public and protected.

Everyone of you should be backing up your critical data already. But where are these archives? In your office? If you have a fire or a theft at your office while you're out ...what then? Financial data, logo, contracts, business and marketing plan - they are all on my keychain (password protected) so I never leave home without them! I can also use it to transport files to any other computer with USB - great for taking files home to work on or to a client site, too.

The beauty of it is that for very low cost, you can have priceless peace of mind. You can find these devices in different brands at Best Buy, CompUSA and all the usual places online.

A Guide to Networking Online

When I tell people offline that I do much of my business networking online, they usually look puzzled. As I explain, networking online is the same as face to face networking, in many ways. You want to make contacts, build relationships, generate leads and meet prospects, and spread the word about your business. Relationship building and networking takes time and know-how offline, and doing it on the computer is no exception.
If you've ever wanted to know how to expand and develop your business by networking in discussion forums and mailing lists, I've written a four page guide to get you started.

Learn how to Network Online now.... »

Crystal Clear Hosting Solution

In all the years we've been in business, SOHO It Goes! has hesitated to offer web hosting for the simple fact that find a truly reliable, responsive affordable host with a good price was a challenge even for us. Unless I could be really sure something was going to provide well for my clients, why bother?

Last year, we heard about Crystal Tech hosting and after much research and review, moved both sites over there. The move was effortless and smooth. In the months since, I've become so impressed with the cost, service, and options available at this hosting company that we've joined the reseller program. Crystal Tech is very affordable, has excellent customer service systems, and provides a ton of features, including a superb control panel, web mail and statistics. We recommend them and would be happy to provide an estimate for anyone looking to move to a new hosting solution.

Happy Clients

Check out the banner ad design for Michelle Bailey, owner of the All About Weddings web site. The plan was to create something pretty but eye catching, showing the concept of customized wedding accessories. Michelle was so delighted with it, she woke up her son to show him!

We recently did a little image editing work for The Hendrickson Group in NYC. Said Lisa Hendrickson "This is absolutely perfect! Thanks for doing it. I really appreciate your help. ... I will check out the website and be in touch about some more work very soon. Again, thanks so much for the great work. I am a very happy customer." And now, we're now jazzing up a new presentation for them!

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