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December 2003

Happy Holidays! This month's edition wraps up a series of articles based on my survey of 70 virtual professionals. Whether you are a virtual professional, or market to them, I think you will find the technology they really use and the future they see to be quite interesting! I've also written a short article for you about understanding boolean searches - with tips on finding things in search engines. I will share with you the online service I use to send out postcard greetings and and I've got a tip on last minute holidays gifts if you're still shopping.

While I have you here, I'd like to give you a sneak peek of a big real estate web site my team and I have been working on for the last 3 months, which goes live this week. I've also launched a new showcase of photocollage work and would love you to check it out. And lastly, I'll tell you what I'd love from you for Christmas! :)

Article: Technology and the Virtual Professional
We all know that without technology, and the Internet, many virtual professionals would probably be still be in a cubicle or office somewhere, under the watchful eye of their employers. But what technology is really being used by virtual professionals today, and where do these leading edge entrepreneurs see themselves going?

Find out! Read the article now

Last Minute Holiday Greetings
Although it's getting late (but not impossible) to send out a custom designed card, its not too late to send a beautiful laminated postcard to the people you want to remember this year. You can still create your own account in Amazing Mail and choose from the images they have, and send out greetings to arrive this month!

Of course, if you need any help with this, let me know!

Send holiday postcards now!

Article: Understanding Boolean Searches
The web is a vast repository of information, usually found via search engines. Many times, we are frustrated because although WE know what we want, knowing how to speak Google (the number one search engine as of this writing) isn't always clear. What people are not often familiar with is the idea of "Boolean logic" - a technical term which describes the way that databases are searched for optimal search results.

This short article will help to demystify the logic behind Boolean operators, and explain the basics using Google as an example - hopefully allowing you to better access the world's biggest informance source.

Learn more about Booleans

BeckyLake.com is launched
I am really happy to give you an advance look at a project we have been working on for the past three months, BeckyLake.com. My client, Becky Lake, is an independent realtor in Charlotte, Michigan specializing in new home construction and condos. She wanted a whole new brand identity and tag line, and an online marketing strategy that included a dynamic, information-rich web site which reflected her personality. The final result is a colorful site with database driven listings and resources for her community - sure to meet her goal of standing out from the other realtors in her community.

See the new BeckyLake.com site!

Photo Collage Showcase
One important aspect of successful marketing materials is how well information is conveyed. Your content is extremely important, but images can convey information faster and more powerfully than the written word. SOHO It Goes! specializes in creating beautiful custom photocollages for online and print. These works of art are unique to your business and can say so much about your brand and what you have to offer.

We've launched a new section of the site which showcases the photocollage work we've done. Our photo collages are a stunning way to dress up both your print and digital marketing materials. We can create collages for web sites, brochures, postcards, sales presentation folders - even trade show booths!

Visit the Photo Collage Showcase

Last Minute Gift Ideas
If you are like me, and still shopping, you probably hear the clock ticking. Gift baskets are very popular ways to thank and recognize clients, colleagues and employees and now there is a super-convenient way to find the perfect one.

Amazon just announced a new feature which allows you to quickly browse by price, cuisine and contents, and it plows through dozens of suppliers and puts you right into the correct shop to buy the perfect gift basket. There are plenty of wonderful baskets to choose from which will still arrive in time for the holidays!

Go find the perfect gift basket

All I want for Christmas...
...is referrals :) I'm proud to say referrals are still my #1 way of acquiring new clients and if I can't have the honor your business in 2004, referrals to those who would benefit from our work would be just lovely too! And I'm always looking for strategic partnerships and agreements with folks who are interested in reselling my services.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, a rich Kwanzaa and safe holiday season, everyone. See you next year!


Eileen "Turtle" Parzek

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