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Infuse Your Marketing with Technology December 2004

This month's newsletter has an article explaining the subtleties of email in all it's various incarnations, a great testimonial from a favorite client, and a new logo for another. I've got a reminder about getting out a holiday postcard and a great gift idea for yourself or the business person on your shopping list. And it's survey time again - I'd love your input on a new directions I'm considering for the newsletter.

Enjoy the holidays!

Understanding Email in All Its Forms

Every since I started offering web hosting for my client's, I've gotten a LOT of questions about aliases and auto responders, list servs and email forwarding. Although its hard to remember a day when we didn't have email to communicate with, the many aspects of email and the terminology that flies around can be confusing.

This article was written in response to those questions and I hope you find it helpful and interesting!

Happy Clients

I've got a number of projects in development that I'm just itching to show you but they aren't totally ready to launch yet. But, meanwhile, I got this really great note from OlderWiserWomen.com's Barbara Phillips:

I can honestly say that I don't know how OlderWiserWomen.com would have gotten off the ground without Eileen's ability to reach into my head and put my thoughts into a tangible the form of a logo and website. She has been extremely patient with me, helping me move along my own learning curve. I feel blessed to have found the exact person I needed to work with in the sea of web designers out there.

Send a holiday postcard!

As many of you know, I am a big fan of postcards for staying in touch with my clients and colleagues. I like them because they are a way to send a tangible custom message to people for a reasonable cost, and the recipient can't help but read them because there is nothing to open! And by using an online service like AmazingMail.com, it is possible to create and send a card instantly from your office, without ever licking a stamp or going to the post office.

Last year I designed a custom holiday postcard and this year I've created a new one that I hope will put a big smile on the faces of everyone who gets it. And it's not too late for you to create a card for your business either - whether you use a pre-existing design through AmazingMail or have one customized by me, you can still send out a glossy, high quality postcard in time for the holidays, IF YOU HURRY! Let me know if I can help.

It's survey time again!

Over a year ago, I ran a survey for my subscribers to tell me what they want see in Increase Your Reach. Now, I am considering different formats for the newsletter (getting restless, I suppose) and it's time to ask again because I've doubled the subscribers since last year. I'm considering switching the format so I can concentrate on developing a freelance writing career (read: for pay). But I don't want to lose you, either!

So - if you don't mind taking about 2-4 minutes to answer a short, anonymous survey for me, you would be doing me a big favor and helping me figure out my next direction! Thank you!

Bald Studio Gets a Logo

This past month, I created a logo for the Bald Studio, a photography business owned by my client Michael Santarcangelo. I wanted to create something a little bit funky that he could use on his marketing collateral, as a watermark on photos and on black and white labels. I used a photo of Michael and his camera as the basis of this logo.

Stay tuned - "Santa" and I have another huge project in development that should be ready to show you in January!

The Best Business Gift

Do you have a business person on your holiday shopping list and have no idea what to get him or her? Are you rewarding yourself for all your hard work this past year, growing your business? I have a great idea for you!

Now, I've read a LOT of business marketing books. And I can honestly say that the BEST resource out there on the web is Robert Middleton's Info Guru Manual. If you're launching, growing or struggling with a business, the information he's compiled could easily provide the basis of your entire marketing plan. It's like an entire marketing course and reference manual - aimed squarely at independent professionals (which I know many of you are!). I simply can't recommend anything with more enthusiasm. Plus, when you buy it, you get a discussion forum of other independent professionals who are using his material and audio courses and all sorts of cool stuff. Priced under $100, you simply can't beat it!

Til Next Time!

That's it for this month. I look forward to hearing from you, whether it is a a story idea, feedback, or better yet, a way that I can help your business market with technology :)

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