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February 2004

This month's edition is packed with good stuff. I've been writing a lot this month, and you will understand why when you read a personal account of my latest technology. I also did a little investigation into a new online service for building a marketing list, which I think you'll find interesting. Plenty of food for thought if you're interested in harnessing technology in your business!

The year here has started with a bang - we launched a new site for a local Realtor that I'd like to introduce you to - and I became a little bit famous in an interview in Small Business Computing magazine. I hope you'll check it out! Lastly, I'm sharing a sobering real life reminder about marketing design, based on something that happened this past month.

Article: A SOHO View of the Treo 600
This Christmas, I became the happy owner of something I believe will have the greatest impact on SOHO businesses since the Internet made it easy for us work from home in the first place - a PDA "Smart Phone." If you are a SOHO business person who needs to stay connected but doesn't want to be in the office all the time, or someone who writes a great deal while on the go, you do not want to miss my personal report on this technology!

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Turtle in the News
This month, I was featured in an article in Small Business Computing Magazine, about online business networking. The article came about because of an earlier writing project - a four page report I wrote on the same subject, and announced in this newsletter.

Just another reminder that writing about what you know has all sorts of rewards!

Read the full article in Small Business Computing

TechValley Homes Web Site is Launched
SOHO It Goes! launched a new web site in January, for TechValley Homes Real Estate. The work also involved creating the new logo Miguel Berger, the company president, had envisioned. Afterwards, he wrote "SOHO It Goes listened to what we wanted and came through with flying colors. Eileen is a pleasure to work with - her patience and dedication is an asset to her."

I'm very proud of the work we accomplished here, and look forward to an ongoing relationship with this marketing and tech savvy Realtor.

Visit TechValley Homes new web site

Article: Building Your Marketing Lists Online
I talk a lot about designing good marketing collateral but what do you do with it after it is designed? You need a list of prospects to send it to and a common question amongst small business owners is where, and how, to get that list. In recently investigated an impressive online service that will let you build and purchase lists of any size, for both direct mail and telemarketing - easily, quickly and cost effectively - no list broker required. I've summarized what I learned right here...

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A Sobering Real Life Reminder

This past month, a colleague of mine had an opportunity to share with someone. He had gotten a referral to a business that I happened to know and I seconded the referral because they DO know their stuff. When my colleague went to that businesses web site he said something like "Are you kidding me??? I'm not going to even call this guy - if he can't spend money to have a decent web site, how can I trust he'll take my opportunity seriously!" End of story. I was speechless - even though I write articles about "Why Design Matters" it still stunned me that this business owner, who is actually really good at what he does, would never know that an opportunity knocked and was lost. JUST because of how amateurish his web site was. Wow. Could this be YOUR company? Difficult as it might be, its worth thinking about.

Read the Article, Why Design Matters

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