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January 2004

Happy New Year!

As I realized what a ghost town the Internet and business world was this past week, I decided to postpone this edition until I had everyone's attention :) With the last two weeks being so slow and relaxing, I would imagine we're all quite ready to blast off into 2004!

I'm happy to say that I've doubled the subscriber base of this newsletter since I started writing to my clients and colleagues last Spring. Since I don't know everyone I'm writing to now, I hope that you will drop me a note occasionally, tell me how I'm doing with Increase Your Reach, and if I can do anything for you or your business!

This edition, I've written an article about infographics in your business communications. I've also succumbed to a New Years resolution theme and have some great web sites to share for optimizing you, the business owner. I've written a mini-review about a business and marketing plan software I demoed recently. And I'll show you some new marketing materials in the gallery.

Article: Using Infographics in Business Communication
We learn early in life that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and know from experience that this is true. Graphics in general can illustrate information, and infographics take it a step further. By visually depicting the information in a small amount of space, infographics better explain, educate, or inform the reader. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, infographics assure that the information we share will be considered. This article will get you thinking about how and why you might use infographics in your business communications.

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Article: Meet Your Resolutions - Online!
Although the best plan is to make changes in our path every day of the year, we do tend to think a lot more about it as the New Year begins. But what does it have to do with business? Well, I believe that we have to be well rounded - for our professional selves to be successful, we have to be fit, well rested, healthy, and mentally challenged. And since this a newsletter about harnessing technology, I want to share some terrific web sites set up to make it easier to reach those goals.

Make those Resolutions Online

New in the Gallery
Elaine Doremus of Resumes Written hired SOHO It Goes! to provide new marketing materials in December. Check out the new business card and brochure design in our gallery.

See the Resumes Written materials

Mini Review: JIAN Business Software
I really believe that micro businesses and solo entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from a business and marketing plan even if they are not looking for a loan. But facing a blank screen, the process seems overwhelming and a lot of us don't ever find the time for this exercise. Or we wing it on our own and wonder if we did it right.

I was recently alerted to the existence of a suite of products and templates which make it a lot easier to get started. I've written a mini review of what I found and encourage you to take a look if writing a business plan is on your 2004 to-do list.

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Til Next Month!
Thank you for reading - I hope this year is tremendously successful for us all.


Eileen "Turtle" Parzek

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