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 Infuse Your Marketing With Technology July 2003 

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

After the longest winter in decades, the grey skies and near drowning we've endured on the east coast, we're now being cooked alive - so it must be summer!

As I wish everyone in the US a safe and relaxing Independence Day, I would like to share an article about how independence factors into the lives of virtual professionals - here and around the world. I have also written a new article about branding your business. Enjoy!

Virtual Professionals Interview

Over all, the virtual professionals interview I recently conducted was a great success and it was loads of fun to implement a complex survey on Survey Monkey. I have collected close to 70 responses, a lot of trends and demographic information, and some wonderful anecdotes, observations and visions of the future. Now, I am in the process of distilling all this information ... so I can share it with the many people who have an interest in this business trend.

Just to whet your appetite further, here are a few numbers from the survey:

  • Over 50% of all the VPs in my study were between 36 and 45 years old
  • No surprise, 96% work from home
  • We're workaholics - 70% work 6 or 7 days per week on average
  • Discipline ran away with the prize for being the most required personality trait for being a VP

Stay tuned for more!

VIP - Virtual Independent Pros!

One of the most intriguing aspects of the interview results was the theme of independence. If there is one thing that human beings cherish most of all, it is our freedom - and every response indicated that freedom, however one defined it, was one of the best reasons to set out on your own, and operate a virtual business.

Read more about VIPs...

Friendly Reminder

Most of you have known Turtle for many years, as a web designer. But did you know that SOHO It Goes! also arranges and provides services like:

  • Logo design & identity development
  • Web hosting & administration
  • Professional presentation design
  • Custom web development & programming
  • Ebook & PDF document development
  • Survey design and management
  • Newsletter design

Design, marketing and communications all from one place... the Turtle is not just for web design any more!

Curious? Find out more!

Making Your Brand Stick

Most people, when they hear the word branding, think it means logos - but in fact, branding is much more than that. A brand blends the image, purpose, and focus of your business, with your core marketing message, and presents something which will stick in the mind. It is who you are and what you do, packaged neatly, clearly, and memorably.

Practically any business or professional can benefit from a strong brand. But branding is even more important for micro businesses and independent professionals because they face tighter competition. A well executed brand and identity can help them compete on a larger playing field, appear more professional, and stand out from the hordes of competitors.

Learn how to make a brand that sticks

Congrats NYSAAAA!!

With just a few hours training, my client, the NYS Assoc. of Area Agencies on Aging, created a very informative outstanding e-newsletter for their board of directors using Constant Contact. Nice job, Beth and Laura!

For those of you who want to offer this service to your customers or members, SOHO It Goes! is now offering admin, training and email marketing design services if you need it.

Create a newsletter for your business!

Let me count the whys...

You probably already know that I LOVE the web, especially for sharing information, building membership and community, and doing good. So, I would like to share some useful web treasures with you today.

Send me one of those urban legend emails - you know, "drinking cola makes you grow hair on your chest kidnapping at Disney cookie recipe aspartame and multiple sclerosis" - and you'll notice I immediately fire back a link debunking it. How did I get so smart? It's SNOPES! Next time someone sends you something unbelievable, and urges you to pass it along to all your dearest friends, do a keyword search in Snopes first. It might even be true :)

Zip Code Look Up
You'll want to bookmark this one - enter any city and state combo in the US and it will give you the zip code. I remember dreaming about such a thing when I was a secretary in the late 80s!

Lifestyle Optimizer
If you're thinking about moving or just like to pretend you are, like me, this can be kind of fun - you rank what is important to you and it gives you profiles of cities in the U.S. that meet that criteria. I belong in southern California.

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