Design, Marketing and Computer Solutions June 2003 

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Anyone who thinks self employed people goof off a lot and watch soaps all day would be surprised at the month I've had. Here is a sampling of what has been going on at SOHO It Goes!

Feature: The Golden Rule Online

Relationship building has been a hallmark of both my businesses. Yet, sometimes business people go in the opposite direction when they are online - they launch a web site and then sit back and do nothing; they get an email address and answer email when they feel like it; they make a sale and don't even think to say thank you. This is a huge missed opportunity - the web offers so many free chances to build relationships with our customers. But many times, the sterility and anonymity of this technology leads people to treat their customers in ways that they wouldn't dream of in a real-space environment.

I have found that (assuming good boundaries and an open attitude), being friendly, acting human, and genuinely getting to know your customers and colleagues is invaluable. If your business relies on word of mouth like mine does, you simply can't afford to operate any other way.

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Introducing Bill

I would like to reveal an alliance that SOHO It Goes! has formed with a very talented programmer named Bill (I'm keeping his last name to myself but no, it is not Gates). Bill is a Microsoft Certified Visual Basic 5 programmer with extensive web programming and database experience. In addition to Visual Basic, Bill's programming skills include ASP, Perl, PHP, and Javascript. He has developed websites and desktop applications that use an Access Database and websites that uses SQL server and MySQL databases.

I'm very excited about this alliance because it means there are no limits to what SOHO It Goes! can provide in terms of web development services. But more importantly, I've teamed up with someone who demonstrates the same level of customer service, quality work and reliability that I've built my businesses on. Expect a lot of neat things out of SOHO It Goes! in the future!

Hair Loss Infographics

I've just finished designing info graphics for a new client, the Hair Loss Control Clinic (HLCCONLINE.COM)*. The info graphics will be used in both print and web marketing, and visually demonstrate the causes of hair loss and the solutions which HLCC provide.

* SOHO It Goes! did not design the web site

Take a look at the HLCC Infographics

Solo Entrepreneurs Group

Since I believe so strongly in the concept of free agents and independent professionals, I have decided to offer my services pro bono to a relatively new group that has evolved out of the Albany Colonie Chamber of Commerce called the Solo Entrepreneurs Group (SEG). My personal goal is to see the programming and benefits of attending become so interesting and helpful to the time-strapped soloist, that our meetings are packed. To that end, I've been developing a membership database in Access for the group, and will be setting up a small web site for them with an events calendar and other resources. I also have joined the programming committee, soon to start planning the monthly programs. If anyone out there is running a business independently, is (or will become) an AC Chamber member, and wants a good support group to meet with bi weekly, you can come as my guest and check it out.

Solo Entrepreneurs Group Web Site

Fight Spam!

Like all of you, I get tons and tons of spam. Until recently, my web site host snagged a good percent of it in their spam filters, but I still had to regularly log onto the site to check that nothing important got stuck, and clean it out manually. And I had no say in what was spam or not. Recently, I switched to a new web host (more on that in a future edition!) and lost that filter, so I started testing other ways to halt, or at least detour, the deluge. I'd like to share the solution I found, with you.

Spam Inspector works right in Outlook or AOL, making it very easy to manage and banish spam. It learns from your decisions about what is spam, as well as other user's reports, so as you use it, it becomes more effective. The spam just goes into an Outlook folder where you can view it and delete or remove things from the spam list. It is very simple and unobtrusive to use once it is configured, and I like that it automatically updates it's spam definitions from what it learns from all the users of the software. Worth checking out!

(Note - this software was purchased by Microsoft and is no longer available for download on my site)

Let me count the whys...

It's no secret I LOVE the web, especially for sharing information, building membership and community, and doing good. So, I would like to share some of the best, most useful, and most informational sites with you - this month's sites are in the spirit of summer adventure... so enjoy!!


Escape Maker
This is a great site for weekend road trippers on the East Coast -- full of ideas for places to explore and wander. Click the Escape Maker link to narrow your possibilities. Happy Summer!

Rent Villas
Want to go a bit further afield? Or maybe just day dream like I do these days? Rent Villas gives you a way to browse and peek at hundreds of villas to rent in Europe.

Summer is the season for festivals... and this is the place to find out about them all over the world.

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