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Infuse Your Marketing with Technology November 2004


This month's newsletter shares with you how I manage to get much of my business, through relationship networking. I've also got a new project to show, and cool little tool for generating privacy policies for your web sites. And lastly, I can't resist the urge to nudge you towards my fantasy art merchandise as the holiday shopping season begins :) Have fun!


Networking without the Work

There is a good reason my nickname is Turtle! And yet, I had to learn to get over my allergy to schmooze in order to grow this business. Nowadays, a majority of my clients come from networking and referrals. So this month, I write about the slightly unorthodox (but much more comfortable) approach I take to networking. It might change your perspective or help the shy amongst you step out for some of those many, many holiday mixers coming up!

Happy Clients

Resource Advisors for Computers Corporation hired SOHO It Goes! this past month to design an 11x17 brochure. The content was ready (and done really well without me!) so the design and layout was all that was needed. The brochure will be used to market the software to law firms.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Nowadays, it is expected that all web sites have some sort of privacy policy that tells consumers and visitors what exactly is being collected at the site and what will be done with it. What stops many small businesses from creating a privacy policy is that they aren't sure where to begin - a quick look at typical policies is confusing and overwhelming.

So I am pleased to share with you a privacy generator I found online. When you fill out the questionnaire and submit the form, it creates a privacy policy you can post on your web site. Worth a look if you haven't created a privacy policy or want to compare what it generates to what you have.

An "Unusual" Gift Idea

Over the summer, I launched a new web site focused exclusively on my digital photo collaging skills. The site contains a portfolio of business collages, as well as a section of digital collage art I've created. The collage art is set up in Cafe Press for merchandise, and I've been really impressed with the prints I've gotten from there.

Bearing in mind that my designs are primarily 'fantasy art' and a little out of the ordinary, I'd like to invite you to visit the site - who knows, you may find the perfect holiday gift for that slightly off-center college kid or your new age-y cousin! I'm open to ideas for new collages too, so if you have an idea and want something custom created (that I can sell on the site later) let's talk!

Til Next Time!

That's it for this month. I look forward to hearing from you, whether it is a a story idea, feedback, or better yet, a way that I can help your business market with technology :)

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