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October 2003

This month, I have a new article called "Make Mine to Grow: Building Your Solo Business to Outgrow You" based on some of the lessons I've learned in the past 8 years. I'll be telling you about a way to find out when people are talking about you or your business, and a free solution to block annoying pop up ads. And, I'll tell you about an essay contest I entered, and WON last month.

Make Mine to Grow
Many solo entrepreneurs choose to curtail thier businesses growth for the purpose of lifestyle. Others plan for expansion right from the start. For them, being the only person in a business, wearing all of the hats, is just a stepping stone. What steps can you take today if you plan to expand your business beyond yourself some day?

This month's feature article takes a look at ways you can prepare your business to outgrow you.

Read how to plan to grow your business...

Review: The New Google Bar
If you haven't already downloaded the free toolbar from Google, you now have even more reasons to do so. The Googlebar creates an additional bar across the top of your browser with a search box for doing a Google search, any time. And now it has a built in pop up blocker! Pop ups are those annoying little ads that leap out of web sites when you're just trying to read something. So now you can surf with the Googlebar blocking those pop ups - and just accept the ones you really want to see. Another great feature is an auto fill - you can set it up to fill in things like your name and email address automatically in forms.

It's a great free service - just be aware that turning on Page Rank in the options has privacy implications.

Download the Google Toolbar

About.com Essay Contest
Last month, the About.com's Entrepreneur Guide held an essay contest for entrepreneurs to talk about the vision of their business. The winner would get free publicity (on one of the top 100 web destinations in the world) and a copy of a book, Big Vision, Small Business: Four Keys to Success Without Growing Big. And guess who won!

Jamie Walters, founder of Ivy Sea, Inc. and author of the book said "Eileen's essay was excellent because it really spoke to the power of vision to propel a small-business owner through the inevitable up-and- down cycles of entrepreneurship and business ownership. Eileen had her vision and a lot of heart, which is why she persevered through any temporary challenges. Stories like hers help to inspire others to persevere in their own business journeys."

Pretty cool, huh?

Read the winning essay online

Review: Google Alert
Do you know that saying "my ears are burning so someone must be talking about me?" Did you know there is an online version of that? It is called Google Alert (based on, but not owned by Google). This web service allows you to set up alerts that will tell you when a new page on the web mentions you, your business, your employer, your family, your hobbies - whatever search term you want.

I use it to find out when one of my articles has been reprinted on someone elses site, and when my business has been mentioned. It has also let me know when an article is reprinted by someone, but without my bio and links. It is not as useful for vague phrases, though. When you first register, you will get a flood of sites that your term is on, many times - but then it slows down and you only get alerts when something new shows up. Then it's just plain useful!

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