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Make a donation and keep SOHO It Goes Going!

For years, I've scoured the web collecting and assessing great marketing ideas, and have shared free articles, insights and reviews on ways to market your small business with technology. I know that my friendly, professional-yet-realistic educational approach has helped thousands of small businesses increase their reach and make a bigger impression. But, obviously, this research and writing takes countless hours every month. And I know you small business owners out there KNOW how busy entrepreneurial life is to start with!

Even so, I've never excluded anyone from benefiting from what I dig up and write about online - even knowing full well how many of my visitors and subscribers are actually competitors (hi guys!).

People have told me that I should charge for all this - but I would prefer to make it free - and contributions voluntary. That is why I am making it possible for people to make a contribution in whatever amount they think is fair.

There are two fast and easy donation options:

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Whoever you are, and whatever your interest in these resources, your contribution is deeply appreciated. It will assure that I will stay motivated to provide valuable information such as this to your business for a long time to come.

But, only you know how you use the resources at SOHO It Goes - whether you just downloaded a single article, rely on the article library frequently or just love the Increase Your Reach blog or newsletter summary each month. So, you decide what is fair value. And here are some suggested contributions:

Single Articles: $1-$3 each

Multiple Articles: $5-$20

Monthly Newsletter & Blog: $12-$36 annually

Thank you!



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