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Web Site Resources & Communities for Free Agents & Independent Professionals

In my quest to find marketing resources, I found that there was very little info out there for marketing by independent service-oriented professionals...until I found Robert Middleton's Action Plan Marketing site and downloaded marketing workbook. I strongly recommend it to any independent professional looking to increase and focus their marketing, build their businesses, and bring more customers their way. His book, InfoGuru Marketing Manual, will be the bible for building a marketing plan for independents, if it is not already. Middleton's Web Site Tool Kit has been praised by a number of my clients for its easy to follow plan for building an action oriented web site. Definitely check out this site!

Terri Lonier, of Working Solo Inc. in New Paltz, NY. Terri has built a fantastic and affordable program for soloists called the Working Solo Business Gym - check it out!

Free Agent NationA noncommercial website devoted exclusively to free agents - loaded with free advice and excellent articles. Maintained by Dan Pink, author of a book by the same name

1099: The Magazine for Independent Professionals
This is one of my favorite reads -- lots of great (and funny) articles about the reality of going it alone

All Freelance
There is a lot of selling and a directory for finding freelancers, but it also has a lot of articles to browse on being freelance



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