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The Solo Entrepreneurs Council (SEC) was instituted in 2003 by the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is "To examine the challenges facing one person, self sustained businesses and share valuable information to strengthen member businesses and raise awareness of the strong role we play in the community."

In late 2001, the Small Business Council recognized a desire and potential need for programs and discussions geared toward sole proprietor businesses (one person, with no employees) and micro-businesses (those with up to 3 employees) which face unique challenges. As a result, a sub group was formed in early 2002 known as the Sole Proprietors Business Group (SPBG). It was Co-Chaired by Roger Lipera, Web Design and Consulting, and Lissa D'Aquanni, The Chocolate Gecko. As the year came to a close, it was evident that the members were anxious to continue to meet and share information, but the organization needed to move to the next level.

In 2003, we renamed ourselves the Solo Entrepreneurs Council to identify that we are focused on the unique needs of one person businesses, although we recognize micro-businesses will often benefit from our meetings. As part of our growth, the next step was to establish a website and a membership database, which was donated by SOHO It Goes. This marked the inaugural implementation of a web site for a Council under the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Richard Ranous of Focused HR Solutions was Chair of the SEC for 2003 and 2004 and Eileen Parzek of SOHO It Goes!, a marketing design and technology company served as Vice Chair for 2004.

Rick Decker, AXA Advisors, is the current 2005 Vice Chair and has continued the mission of roundtable discussions for one person businesses, as well as a number of joint programming events with the Chambers Small Business Council.


For more membership information, email Nicole Stack at [email protected] or call (518) 458-9851

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