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The Networking Dance: It Takes Two to Tango

One of the many hats solo entrepreneurs put on is the self promotion hat - the one we wear when we have to leave our office and network for business. Unless you're a pro, remember when you were first learning to dance or maybe still are? It felt awkward, you were afraid of stepping on someone else's toes,  or you feared tripping over yourself.  For some, these issues occur in networking too.  That's because networking and dancing have a lot in common

In this refreshingly creative and highly interactive workshop, you will:
a. Learn how to actively listen to others
b. Learn how to ask key questions
c. Learn how to create a memorable and effective 30-second "elevator pitch."

This is a workshop you won't want to miss so you can get the competitive edge in networking, by learning from Dale Klein, Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, owner of SPEECH MATTERS.

About the Presenter

Dale Klein is the founder and owner of SPEECH MATTERS, which was established in 1994. As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, Dale created SPEECH MATTERS as a private practice dedicated to assisting business professionals sharpen their communication skills. Having a strong background in the corporate sector both as a clinician and a manager, Dale is acutely aware of how critical one's professional image is.



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