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Benefits to using our services

Why should you form a relationship with SOHO It Goes! as opposed to hiring a full time marketing person? Think about this:

  • No need to do a payroll - no Medicare, no unemployment, no workers comp, no state or federal taxes.
  • You don't have to provide space, furniture or office equipment. No overhead!
  • SOHO It Goes! is owned by an experienced professional, and an entrepreneur. You have someone you can bounce off ideas, brainstorm - almost like having a partner in your business, without the big legal commitment.
  • Our associates, independent professionals who are also highly skilled at working virtually, are among the best in the business. You have the advantage of tapping into this amazing talent - yet SOHO It Goes! manages all the projects and stands behind every one of them.
  • You only pay for the time we work for YOU. No overtime costs, no insurance benefits, no paid vacation or sick leave. And even better, you don't pay for someone's smoke breaks, coffee breaks, personal calls - you pay just for the work you have done for you.
  • We work in the background, giving you more time, more freedom, and more resources to build your own business. You might find that in an employee - but can you afford to keep on busy full time?
  • Virtual work is environmentally friendly!
  • We can handle everything from making a big document look good to designing your web site. And we have the resources to arrange nearly any other service you might need.
  • Location is not an issue - you can move, or we can move, and you will not lose the benefit of our services. And if you travel, wherever you go, we can virtually be there.
  • You don't pay for training - we are already experienced with every service we provide. All we need to do is learn about your business, what your needs are and we're ready to go.
  • We are here when you need us. We build long term relationships with many small businesses, and are available when you need us.


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