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Survey Development and Implementation

We all hear that we should do market research before launching a new product or service, and that the best way to improve customer service is to ASK our customers what they want. With the arrival of increasingly more robust, customizable and easy to use web survey tools, and the numbers of people currently online, developing a survey online might be the solution for you.

Many of these tools are easy enough that you could perhaps do it yourself. But, with that said, there is a lot more to developing an effective survey than you might realize -- subtle nuances like how questions are worded, which question types will garner the most useful responses, and so on.

SOHO It Goes! has years of experience studying how people think and learn and process information online, which it can apply towards the development of online surveys, using the tools which are now available. We can help you determine what the best questions are, what the most effective way to respond would be, and take the work out of implementing the survey by actually building the survey, creating the lists of receipients on your behalf and then compiling the results into an easy-to-digest report.

Whatever you need to know, if your customers and members are online, and receiving email, a web survey is a great way to find out. Contact us to discuss your survey needs!

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