SOHO It Goes! Estimates

These are some estimated project examples, to give you a general idea of what particular types of projects might cost. As every project and budget is different, and there are so many variables, this is only intended to be informational.

Logos - Web - PowerPoint - Photocollage - Surveys

If you contact us with the particulars of a specific project, we can begin a dialogue that will lead to a customized estimate for you and your particular project.

Logo Design

You would receive

  • Discussion and brainstorming session
  • 2-3 small conceptual drawings
  • Concept modifications, then review
  • Color scheme options
  • Final logo is delivered in multiple print and digital formats on CD

Estimate: $450-$1,000

Variables: How much information you can provide, how many various formats and versions you need, how many people are "signing off" and approving, whether a web or 3D version is required

Small Informational Web Site

Basic Process: This would be for a small business that needs to just have an informational web presence, as an enhancement to other marketing efforts. We would talk with you about your audience, your products and services, and goals in having a web presence. We would talk about your existing marketing collateral, and what types of visual imagery you already have, and would want on the site, and the content you wish to have. From that information, we would propose an information architecture for your site, and begin creating a couple home page ideas. After we review these, and a direction is chosen, we would work on finalizing the home page, and creating a template for subpages. Meanwhile, we would be instructing you on how to prepare the content for the site. When that is ready, and you've approved the look and feel, we would code the pages of content using the templates, load it to a staging area to test, and take it live when you're ready.

Estimate: $1,200 includes

  • 2 design options
  • a home page and subpage template
  • coding 3 pages of content (page approximately equivalent to one Word page)
  • up to 5 photos
  • consulting time for reviews and instruction
  • Domain registration assistance. Client pays $35/yr for registration
  • Hosting assistance, if needed. Client pays for hosting costs, averaging $20/month for a site of this size

Price does not include custom illustration, photocollages, logo design, and search engine optimization.

PowerPoint Presentations

Estimate: There are tremendous variations in the size and scope of any presentation, so estimating is difficult. A basic presentation for the corporate environment, of approximately 10 slides, and a few pictures or charts, would average around $450.

Basic Process: You would prepare the outline and content yourself because you know your subject matter best but I'd offer my assistance and guidance to develop this information. with my assistance and guidance. Before the content is developed, and finalized, we would discuss details about the audience, the message, and how the presentation will be used. I will work first on a design style, and provide a sample of a few slides first to get your approval on the look. I will create each slide using that style, customize and format each slide to make it as professional as it can be, and apply good presentation principles to assure that it works for you and your audience.

More pictures, custom graphics, animation, and other more advanced features would increase the complexity and the cost of the presentation. Keep in mind, however, that this may be an investment - especially if you are reusing the presentation over and over.


Estimate: $250-400. Client pays for chosen stock photo licenses, typically $25-$50 for a web sized image. If research to find appropriate stock images is needed, extra charges would apply. Stock images at appropriate sizes for printing output will cost more.

Basic Process: Generally, we like to have a pool of at least 8 pictures to work with initially, and it's important for you to understand that a lot of pictures just WON'T lend themselves to photocollaging. That said, we are willing to look at photos you may already have, to make that determination. Usually, we will work with you to determine what the feel and effect of the collage should be, and what imagery might be used and what it's use will be. Then we will set out to gather appropriate photos from the stock art collections, to build the collage. We will create web page with images for you to look at, so you can choose which ones I might work from. If you have a logo or type image you want worked into the collage, we should discuss that, too. Once a pool of 8-10 photos are decided on, we will begin working on the collage. Typically 3-4 images go into any one collage. We will put the collage online for review, and then make adjustments to perfect it.


Estimate: Survey consulting will cost approximately $500 assuming a detailed survey with approximately 10-15 questions, and that the list is already compiled and in a format we can use without much work (such as an exported list of email addresses, in text format). This cost can be slightly less if there are only a few questions. Cost to implement the survey, if any, is the responsibility of the client. Many survey tools are free for small lists, and minimal cost for under 1,000 surveys, for example.

Basic Process: We will have a dialogue either by email, phone or chat, about what your needs are, what your products and services are, and who your audience is. We will discuss what it is your trying to accomplish with the survey, and what you need to know as the final result. We will also ask you where you are getting your list from, to send out the survey, and in what format it is. From this, we will begin drafting questions for the survey, and start organizing it, on paper. We will send you this document, to review and then we will discuss it further until the questions are finalized. Only then will we choose a survey tool from those that are available, and begin designing the actual survey. SOHO It Goes! will create the best possible approach to each question, and develop an organization which flows and is clear. We will also get the list from you and upload it to the survey tool, and send out the survey at the time we decide to do so. After a period of time, we will assess the results and provide you with a report that you can use in your marketing, planning and promotion of your business, or whatever your purposes are.


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