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Case Study: Photo Collage for Sponsor Advertisement / Flyer

Absolute Promotions, a promotional products company that specializes in the high tech industry, asked us to design a 8.5 x 11" advertisement that would be included in the binder distributed at the Albany Nanotech Symposium. Absolute Promotions is a sponsor of the symposium and promoter of Tech Valley.

Owner Chris Piel has long been a fan of our photo collage style and requested a design which would grab people's attention, provoke their interest, clearly define their area of specialty and be memorable - and, frankly, be the best looking sponsor ad in the binder. We designed this montage with a combination of photographic imagery from the nanotech and computer technology fields; with a number of technology oriented promotional products in the foreground, all moving towards the future.

The ad was then printed richly saturated full color with a gloss finish, and was the first sponsors ad to be seen in the binder.

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