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Case Study : Corporate Identity and Web Design

This client, Michael Santarcangelo, came to Business Design Studio to develop a brand identity, marketing collateral and web site to promote him as an expert IT security speaker and coach. He had already settled on the name The Bald Security Expert, so using that hook, we began.

After a lot of discussion about what the goals, audience and speaking programs, we decided to create a logo that was hip, edgy, a little "James Bond" like - with simple, clean lines. It needed to be able to work on a variety of promotional products like pads of paper and embroidered on t-shirts. With the tag line"Your key to information security" this is the logo that resulted.


"Turtle helped me develop the internal vision I had for a personal brand, and then brought it to life. She took great pride and care in helping me create this new business, and her passion for her work was obvious. The entire process was fast, smooth, and comfortable, thanks to the excellent communication and customer service she provided. I feel like I now have a solid and consistent identity to introduce my services to the world!"

- M. Santarcangelo,
The Bald Security Expert

Next up, we developed a package of collateral - a double sided business card, letterhead and envelopes, and a pad of paper that could be distributed at speaking events, to further promote Michael.

Simultaneously, we began work on the web site. We came up with the idea to break the site into three major sections based on Michael being a Speaker | Coach | Catalyst. These color coded sections would drive the site visitor to the exact information they were looking for - whether they be an IT professional looking for professional development coaching, a meeting organizer looking for an expert speaker, or a corporation looking for someone to facilitate a meeting in security issues.

The site also provides a growing resource area, a conduit to signing up for a number of IT security newsletters. Besides information about all that Michael offers as a speaker and consultant, the site also provides a clear path from every direction to contact and reserve him - which is the primary marketing goal of every independent professional.

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