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Case Study : Web Design and Development

"I dreaded the thought of explaining what I needed for my business to a new webmaster, as well as the time I would have to commit to helping set it up. But that's not what happened. I only had to explain to Eileen one time what I needed for my real estate web site, and she took off with it... I loved how fast everything went and that I can now start advertising my new site! "

- Kim Doey,
Century 21 Omaha

Century 21 in Omaha, Nebraska wanted a custom designed site that would stand out from the typical home grown or cookie-cutter web site that many other realtors have. They also wanted to be able to maintain their own listing database, and hook into the MLS for their region. Impressed with the award winning site we'd already developed for TechValley Homes, Century 21 Omaha wanted to have the same 'best practice' information architecture we'd developed for real estate web sites. But of course, they wanted to have their own unique design for their geographic region. This is the resulting design:

We used Realtor 20/20, what we determined to be perhaps the best 'canned' real estate application available because of its customizability, incredible wealth of built in features, cost and user friendly administrative module. Now the Century 21 Omaha staff can upload information and photos, and maintain listings without touching any code. The visitors to the site will be able to search, print, map and do mortgage calculations, right inside the listings.

We also developed a Relocation area which includes links to sites in the Omaha area, and included neighborhood and school reports via a subscription to ReloDigest.com.

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