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Case Study : Custom Web Site Design

"Eileen (Turtle) Parzek is a gift to the world of web design. She is that rarest of creatures, a technical expert with an artist's eye who speaks in a language that the non-technical can understand. She designed my web site to the highest standards of technical excellence while also exhibiting a deep intuitive sense of who I am and what work I do. I have not met anyone else with this uniquely valuable combination of gifts."

- Maria Doherty

Business Design Studio had the pleasure of designing a new web interface for Chrysalis Transformations, a psychotherapy practice in Scotland.

Using the client's tag line of caterpillars finding their wings, we created a custom photo collage to illustrate transformation. The font we used is called Tolkien, and fit well with the image of magical, transformational results.

Chrysalis Transformations

Throughout the site, we used quotes which the client loves, to further affirm the principles she works with.

Adapting with the existing content, we designed the site in Dreamweaver with templates so that the client will be able to manage the site content herself, using Contribute.

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