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Case Study : Corporate Identity and Branding - Business Card Design

"Business Design Studio does know how it goes - very knowledgeable and has a 1001 good ideas that you can use TODAY. They go out of their way to find the most affordable solution to fit your needs!"

- Lorraine Conoby

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The final product is a 3.5 x 4 inch calling card, printed on both sides by a digital printer on an off white card stock with gloss.

And Lorraine was thrilled with her unique new card!

Lorraine Conoby approached us with an unusual idea. She wanted a European style calling card for her consulting work, and wanted to have a painting on it. She said she loved the Hudson River School oil paintings - but we both knew that licensing one of those would be prohibitive. I suggested she purchase the perfect stock photo and we would use digital image editing to turn it into her own personal oil painting for the card. The photo to the left is the photo she chose.

With dozens of tiny adjustments to the photo, we slowly turned it into what looks like an oil painting:

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