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Case Study : Logo Design and Corporate Identity

GOAL: To create a logo for FoodMagic, a web based application which would set the design tone for the entire application and any marketing that was to come.

STRATEGY: Parasoft's team wanted the logo to be welcoming and pleasant to look at, and Eileen had a lot of colorful kitchen and food imagery in mind. Initially, she developed 8-10 ideas in thumbnail format, but kept returning to the idea of somehow presenting the name literally - food and magic. The moment the idea of a wizards hat as a chefs hat, and a wizard's hat as a cornucopia occurred to her, she went in that direction and developed a number of variations of that concept. This was the concept that was chosen:

The next step was to colorize it...

... and then do a web version. This is the final web image for the FoodMagic brand, done with a combo of Photoshop 3D effects and painting with the graphics tablet:

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