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GALLERY: Custom PowerPoint Presentation Design

We were hired to assist a group presenting a new public garden proposal to the club responsible for much of the outdoor beautification of the City of Albany. All of the content was already prepared but there was way more detail than should be put into Powerpoint, so we did a lot of editing and organization of the information. We had creative license and put together a really fun presentation with animation, which was a big hit.

Below is a representative sample of the animated slides, which you can (hopefully) view by clicking the button (download is 7.5 mb). Or you can view static images of a few less slides, below, and rollover each to view comments.

There is no straightforward way to get PowerPoint onto the web so I apologize if this doesn't work 100%. It works in Windows XP on IE 6, for sure!

Opening slide. Watercolor garden theme. Names changed to protect privacy
Interspersed animated critters to keep everyone alert. This one zig zags from right to left and back as bullets come in Collage of flowers being proposed for each season to give visual affirmation/confirmation

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