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The names of presenters are changed to protect their privacy
The presenters asked for animation to liven things up a little. I did two butterflies, so that when the first one passed through, and half the audience saw it and said “Ooh!”, the other half would see a butterfly too. They loved it!
The Powerpoint to Web Conversion does funky things to the fonts…
The notes I was given were much longer than what I condensed into bullets. I left them on the slide notes for the speakers to use
Lawn Mowing – shape of beds, curved lines easier, football shape
Space between bed and sidewalk/road should be the width of mower
Big beds are harder to weed – 4’-5’ ideal
Feeding – Judy uses compost and liquid kelp
Weeding – Peter controls weed with Preen (pre emergence) and Roundup
I had  a lot of fun coming up with this idea – it was a big hit, although not everyone liked the ideas of bunnies in the garden
The group originally had 32 photos of public space gardens in the area and thought they were ALL going in the presentation  -- I advise them to  choose twelve, and they would fade in while they discussed the research they did into existing public gardens.
The entire presentation, including other speeches and displays, took about an hour – so I interspersed unexpected insects and rodents to keep everyone alert!
The group had planned plantings for each of the seasons. I took that list and found representatives of every plant online and created collages, so the Board could get a feel for the colors and textures of the proposed garden. Many of the flowers are shown in close up and are not proportional to each other. This was a very successful approach because it allowed them to visualize the actual plan.
Pictured in collage:
New Dawn climbing rose
Chrysanthemum Christine Hagemann
Echinacea Magnus
Clematis Betty Corning
Lilies – Catherine Woodbery, Chianti, Stargazer
Johnsons Blue Geranium
Foliage in collage
Olive Bailey Langdon Hosta
Paradigm Hosta
Ostrich Fern
Vinca Minor