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Let's face it - even with desktop publishing software and boxes full of clipart, we are not all born designers. Sometimes the difference between a really great invitation or flyer and one that screams "I did it myself!" is an elusive quality.

Here is where SOHO It Goes! comes in. For nearly two decades, Eileen Parzek (Turtle) has been the woman to go to for putting together an invitation that gets people's attention. Sometimes, one of her friends, family or clients will design something themselves in Publisher or another software and turn it over to Turtle to get it jazzed up. Other times, they simply email the contents of the invitation and say "HELP." Either way, depending on the time, materials and budget needs of that person, the final result is always a unique and stand out invitation or flyer. And it doesn't have to cost a bundle, either.

So what kind of event or party are you cooking up? Take advantage of the good eye for color and layout that Turtle has (not to mention the software and tons of clipart and photos) for your next event. Send us an today!

Here are a handful of the many flyers and invitations Turtle has designed over the years:

A couple years ago, Turtle threw a big party with 3 other friends, all of whom were Geminis and had a birth date on or within a day or two of her own. Each of us invited our own friends and we had a really fun time hanging out, being completely indulgent and acting silly.

This is the funky invitation she designed and sent out to everyone:

How about a Halloween party with the neighbors? This simple black and white flyer went into the mail boxes of everyone on the block, to let them know about the pumpkin parade and gathering that was planned.

Sometimes all it takes is the right font and appropriate clipart to make a flyer come alive!

Two kids with their very special cowboy/girl costumes, grow up and get married and celebrate their 60th birthdays as husband and wife...

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