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Case Study : Web Design

Christine Buyce is a savvy lead generation expert and the author of "Generate New Business: A Practical Guide to Setting (and Getting!) Appointments. She owns In The Door Consulting.

Christine had already written and self published her book when we met, and asked for my assistance in taking her existing brand and turning it into a web site to promote the book.

I instantly envisioned a collage that would be appropriate for her book - and she loved it so much, the next edition of the book will be redesigned with a new cover. I worked with Christine to come up with an architecture for the web site, suggested ways she could build a community of prospects and share her expertise with a newsletter, and gave her some guidance on setting up the initial content.

I also designed a graphic that represents the book, that Christine can use for promotions online. The book is now available at Amazon and Borders, and we plan to add content to the site over time as Christine gets new speaking engagements and adds resources to the site.




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